Integrate and master both technical and tactical behaviours to increase self-confidence and efficiency in negotiation.

Action themes

The foundations of negotiation :
The 3 axis of negotiation
Positive programming
The prism of pre-judgments
The Pygmalion effect
The “essentials” of negotiation :
The art of asking questions
Total listening : hearing or listening ? What makes the difference ?
The power of silence
The 8 “musts” to structure the negotiation :
Create a positive climate
Questions and strategic information
Developing positive signals
Adapting one’s arguments
Dealing with objections
Locking the negotiation
Valueing the client’s ego
Managing one’s perception
The “key points” of negotiation : Techniques and tactics :
Managing aggression : 3 steps to re-establish balance
Defending and negotiating the price
Negotiating in front of a group
Managing competition
Closing :
The closing philosophy
6 different closing techniques (from a soft approach to pressure)
Re-negotiating :
Assertiveness as a tool to re-negotiate
The message “weight”
The relationship “weight”
Communicating a decision : ram vs eal
How to say “no” ?
The 360° negotiation :
The art of negotiation within one’s company
The different negotiation styles, according to the typologies :
The origins of the method
The 4 colour energies
The consequences on negotiation
Getting to know the typology of the other
Adapting one’s negotiation style to optimise the results


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