The company

Created in 1998 by five experienced consultants, Penta Management rapidly rose to the level of the most prominent companies in the fields of advice and human management training. Today it is a team of 7 senior consultants and it offers a unique and global solution regarding the development of human resources.

Penta Management aims at significant and lasting improvement of behaviour within the different teams of its customer companies by offering a global and concrete answer. Doing so, it fully respects the culture of the client company. The high level of customisation of Penta Management’s interventions guarantees the results of the training courses.

On top of a result-oriented vision, each action of the Penta Management Team is supported by values which are considered as key by the company :
• ensure working conditions which aim at an overall well-being;
• promote team spirit, define common goals;
• reflect on the future and develop growth opportunities;
• achieve or even surpass all set requirements;
• ensure an optimum return on investment.

The certification by Q4, KMO portefeuille, Brussels and walloon regions granted to Penta Management after a series of independent audits guarantee the quality of the Penta Management performances. These certifications give the customers the right to benefit from subsidies granted by the different regions.

Based in Waterloo, Penta Management creates each year a partnership, based on mutual trust, with more than 150 companies and contributes, doing so, to the development and the follow-up of employees from all professional horizons, both at national and international level.