The Penta Method

4 steps for a customised training course

Step 1 : Observation

Identifying how a company operates is the first operational step that our team achieves working closely together with the management. This preparatory step enables us to pinpoint the key elements of a personal approach : strategy, nature of relationships in terms of hierarchy, working methods style, jargon,… Human resources management is approached through its internal context and can also be extended to external relations, such as customers or business partners.

Step 2 : Action

Once the needs are identified, a unique action is put together and a modular programme is defined. It consists of specific exercises and a tailor-made training material. Positive confrontation in the role-plays, concrete and easy to follow unifying threads, personal action plans, complete paper and numerical support material : all of these contribute to a practical, performing and active training course.

Step 3 : Assessment and Recommendations

The training is spread over time to best encourage work in the field and implementation of the acquired principles. At the end of the programme, an assessment is made offering additional suggestions. These can be presented as a plan for personal and team development with follow-up.

Step 4 : Follow-up

For the Penta team, continuity is essential for success. The partners space fits in with this approach. It aims at consolidating over time the acquired principles and behaviours.

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