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Insights Discovery® considers that each person is a unique human being, with his/her own style, needs and expectations. These differences reveal great strengths. How to identify them ? How to get the best out of it ?

The profile

The Insights Discovery® profile is a document of over 20 pages, a true tool for personal development which sustains and facilitates personal as well as team development. The Insights Discovery® personal profile is nowadays one of the most performing in the world and offers a very precious help for everyone in order to understand how he/she operates and interacts with others in his/her professional life. It allows each of us to improve the quality of our relationships both in a work and private environment.

Each profile consists of a “basic” module which covers the following :
Potential strong and weak points
Value for the team
Communication style
Blind spots
The opposite style
Suggestions for development

The information given by the “basic” module can be completed by additional Insights Discovery® modules which cover specific issues related to the type of work (people management, sales).

The Insights Discovery® profile is based upon answers to the Insights Discovery® questionnaire made up of 25 questions. It requires an average of half an hour to fill it in.

The organisation of the day

Target :
Management teams and executives within a top management, department or project team.
Goals :
Becoming aware of one’s own individual profile as well as the profile of colleagues through understanding individual behavioural preferences.
Develop concrete strategies to strengthen the group dynamics.
Work out a concrete “hand-out” to better communicate with all team members.
From 9am till 5.30pm  (ideally outside the company)
The organisation of the day :
In the morning, the facilitator presents the Insights colours and their dynamics as well as the scientific foundations of the different personality types developed by the Swiss psycholog Carl Jung. This happens in an iner-active manner, together with exercises.

Before breaking for lunch, the participants receive their individual and confidential report of their Insights profile.

The afternoon focuses on a more in-depth study of the dynamics of the Insights colours as well as on the analyses of “Team wheel” i.e. the contribution of each individual to the team.
Then the facilitator proceeds to an exchange – on a voluntary basis – of some elements of the individual reports so as to clarify the do’s and dont’s of collaboration with the team.
Around 5pm, the participants give their feedback about the day and fill in their personal action plan.

They all receive a detailed guide of the Insights profile in order to better understand their individual profile.


One full inter-active training day

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