Management Commitee

Team Insights Discovery

To gain insight in themselves and their colleagues, by learning to understand the individual psychological preferences
To develop effective strategies to strengthen the team communication and team dynamics
To develop a practical “manual” for communication within the team.


Fundamentals of Management Communication :
the prism of prejudices
the Pygmalion effect
Positive programming
Empowerment :
setting clear objectives
the benefits of “empowerment”
Positive feedback
Taking decisions and communicating them :
the power of team
Productive Meetings :
from agenda to action plan
group creativity
the six « hats » of de Bono
Appraisal and development meeting : optimizing the potential of our people
Daily coaching

Personal and team productivity

Integrating and installing the 3 key behaviours to improve productivity
Identifying priorities according to “importance” and “urgency”
Planning in a realistic manner
The Alpha day


Five interactive training days, spread over a period of four months

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